Intra Juice Lifestyles Testimonials

Intra® has been used by millions of people around the world, let’s see what they have to say about Intra® Lifestyles Intra®


J. Pink Mendoza, The Philippines 


Jonell was born Premature and diagnosed with congenital heart disease. After 6 months of taking INTRA, the result of Her 2d echo is Normal!!

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Marta, Jesenik, Moravia

For many years I had high blood pressure, problems with the gall bladder. With diabetes, leg ulcers were added to this. So far I have used 5 bottles of Intra. The leg ulcer was the size of a tablespoon, after four bottles the ulcer was healed. My pressure improved and the gallbladder stopped hurting. Since I was still injecting myself with insulin every morning and drinking Intra, I can tell you that after a year my doctor changed my daily injection to using only powder, who hasn’t experienced it knows what a relief it is. Intra is a good friend, that’s why I still drink it. I recommend INTRA. Marta


Jeffrey Balbin, Philippines

′I started drinking Lifestyles Intra Juice and FiberLife together just this month of October because I have had Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) for a long time, I can’t focus on work even if I’m at home because I always feel bloated or there’s a lot of air in my stomach and sometimes It’s hard or really short of breathing. I also have had asthma since I was young and I was really impressed with the lifestyle products Intra Juice and FiberLife because I’m just in the 1st week took this I felt different in my body, especially in my stomach. Even the red spots on my skin suddenly got pants that I couldn’t know and it’s just a few minutes gone. I used to take synthetic drugs before which is the prescription from the doctor for my GERD and asthma, but I only take them once I had an attack. I don’t want my body to depend on taking medicines that have temporary effects, I want long-term or forever to disappear. I drink 2 capsules FiberLife per day and 2 cups of Intra Juice every day in the morning and before bedtime. As of now, I just started with the second bottle of FiberLife, the effect on my body is really good. And for Intra Juice, we already got five (5) bottles in just 1 month because all of us in our family drink this. Really addressed. All my feelings are back to normal, my stomach is no longer aching because it’s so painful and it’s like vomiting and hard to breathe and my asthma is unlike before, every time I attack, I take medicine immediately but since I took these two It’s really amazing. I am also a member of Lifestyles that’s why I only get discounts and it’s too big to save. Since I’m a traditional business owner, I also included these Lifestyles Products in my business so that I can help a lot. Try it too, our Lifestyles Products are so good. To God be all the Glory.”


Matilda, Malaysia


Reymond Pontines, Los Angeles

Intra herbal juice has been used successfully by my parents since 2002. Now, because I suffered from stress and migraines, my doctor prescribed me synthetic drugs in 2019. But I chose the natural way, so I started drinking my Intra Juice in December 2019. Today I can say that migraines have stopped and because I’m talking about Intra benefits to people every day, my Lifestyles business with Intra Lifestyles is developing and growing. I thank the whole team, and sponsors, and look forward to further cooperation. Join our LA team today. For the Discount visit link here


Maria Zarisova, Slovakia

I join Lifestyles in 1999 and Intra Herbal Juice Changed My Life. I am thankful to the Lifestyles Intra Herbal Juice. It’s changed my life and the lives of my friends. People now say I also look 10 years younger too!” Maria, 2023

majka-intramaria-debora Together with Mr. David De Bora, Toronto, Canada


Helena Kubíček, Zlin, Czechia

When I visited friends in Canada who work for the Bata company, they recommended INTRA to me.

I have had psoriasis since childhood, which made my life uncomfortable. I took a lot of medicine and ointments, some of them helped, but only for a short time. Then a friend gave me Intra, and since then my life changed. The psoriasis did get worse for a while, but they explained to me that I had to endure it. After the third month I found that my skin condition was improving and after drinking the seventh bottle, the psoriasis was not so visible. I was happy. Psoriasis cannot be cured, but by drinking Intra it is simply not as visible and it helps me a lot psychologically. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a natural solution. Helena


Věra, Ostrava, Silesia , Czechia

I have long-term problems with the gallbladder and pancreas. By regularly taking the medicine and INTRA together, I feel very well and can eat what I like.

I recommend Vera

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Yshia Celine

She loves drinking her new “INTRA Juice”. Ang pamangking kung cute na endorser of INTRA juice Yshia Celine, gigising daw sya ng maaga bukas para iinom masarap daw kasi 😘

The niece, Yshia Celine, will wake up early tomorrow to drink because it is delicious 😘 Source: Facebook 



Monsieur Dakar užíval INTRU při závodech v Africe. Karel Loprais byl český automobilový závodník a šestinásobný vítěz automobilových závodů Rallye Dakar v kategorii kamionů. S automobilem Tatra 815 zvítězil v Rallye Dakar v kategorii kamionů v letech 1988 (start. č. 607, T 815 4×4 od roku 1987), 1994 (č. 401), 1995 (č. 411, „hasičská“ 4×4 od roku 1994), 1998, 1999 (č. 407) a 2001 (č. 425, „Puma“ 4×4 od roku 1998).