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Lifestyles Flagship Product Intra is a precise formulation of 23 botanical extracts. It is the best instant natural herbal remedy around the world. Tell Us how we can help You? We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your Intra needs. Please use the Contact Form below for any questions you might have regarding Lifestyles products in Switzerland.

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For more than 3,000 years, civilizations in every corner of the world have documented the powerful effects that herbs, plants, roots, tree bark, leaves and flowers (the botanicals) have on human well-being. Intra combines this ancient knowledge with advanced science to create a nutritional supplement geared to today’s lifestyles.

Intra is a pleasant tasting, proprietary formulation of 23 time-tested and trusted botanical extracts that provide the body with antioxidants, flavonoids, lignins, polysaccharides and other health enhancing nutrients specific to each herbal extract. The key to Intra’s effectiveness is the synergy of the blended botanicals working together – providing greater benefits than an individual botanical on its own.

Intra’s unique formula is exclusive to Lifestyles and has remained unchanged since 1992. As a natural food supplement, Intra’s precise formula of 23 botanical extracts work better together to help balance and strengthen the body’s eight biological systems, leaving you feeling healthier, happier and more energized! Intra is certified Safe for Athletic Use by the international Olympic Committee because it does not contain steroids or stimulants.

Intra’s formula has been enjoyed by millions of satisfied customers worldwide and is suitable for all ages. An ounce of Intra a day can make a world of difference! Drink Intra. Share Intra. Every Day.

Lifestyles Intra and Lifestyles Products are only available through Independent Distributors and are NOT sold in stores. Please visit the Lifestyles Intra Shop to purchase Intra and other Lifestyles products online. Visit the Lifestyles Intra Shop to purchase Intra and other Lifestyles products online.