A Complete Approach to Better Health. Intra, NutriaPlus, and Fiberlife.

Intra® is a unique synergistic blend of 23 of the world’s finest herbal and botanical extracts based on thousands of years of collective wisdom of many different cultures, factored in with modern scientific technology to produce the best of both worlds, ancient and modern. As an Adaptogen it works to strengthen and support all the various systems of the body to the specific needs of the individual.

23 ancient botanical extracts




A Complete Approach To Better Health

Lifestyles’ success is driven by our Customers using our products and by our relationships with our Distributors forming the basis of many success stories for more than 26 years. This success is what drives Lifestyles to develop new and innovative products to help more and more people Live Better Every Day. 

Combining the best that science and nature have to offer, Lifestyles helps you improve and maintain your overall health and well-being through our proven line of high quality, nutritional supplements. Lifestyles is dedicated to offering breakthrough wellness products that are effective, safe and competitively priced.


All of Lifestyles products are tested by independent ISO-certified laboratories to ensure safety, purity, and reliability. Lifestyles products are proudly made in Canada under the world’s most stringent quality controls, regulated by Health Canada and measured by GMP and HACCP standards. With our strict control standards, Lifestyles proudly makes the following statement on each product label:


Whether you are looking to optimize your health, lose weight, or conquer the signs of aging, the Lifestyles product line has something for you. With years of manufacturing excellence and millions of satisfied customers worldwide, you can be confident in knowing that you are providing the best for your body.

If you’re ready to take control of your health and wellness, we will help you start today.


The many varied benefits that millions of Intra customers around the world have received over a period of 18 years speak for themselves. They vary from increased energy levels, better sleep patterns or by helping the body respond naturally to existing health concerns. The body’s own remarkable recuperative powers are empowered and fully able to achieve their maximum potential as intra’s unique blend adapts to the needs of the individual. It is an “all-natural” high-tech nutritional approach to give the body what it needs, either to stay healthy or to deal with the consequences of environmental damage, unhealthy lifestyle or an over-reliance on food with low nutritional value. It is a spearhead product on our approach to body protection.

Intra – Precise Formulation of 23 Botanical Extracts Pleasant Tasting Herbal Drink Consume by Millions. Intra carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose, order Intra now!



  • 23 ancient botanical extracts

  • Proprietary formula – exclusive to Lifestyles

  • Powerful herbs cherished and used as age-old medicines for thousands of years

  • Boost your body’s systems to increase energy and vitality

  • Improves health and wellness

  • Suitable for all ages

  • No side effects

  • Can be taken daily

  • Certified pesticide-free

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