How to behave if you have problems with prostate?

Around the age of 25, men’s prostate begins to enlarge. This natural growth is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and it is the common cause of prostate enlargement. Although 50% of men with BPH may never develop any symptoms, others find that BPH can make men’s life miserable.

If You have an enlarged prostate, Reduce the amount of fluids you drink in the evening. Urinate as soon as you get the urge. When you visit the bathroom, take your time to empty your bladder completely. Drink less energy drinks, fizzy drinks, less alcohol, caffeine and artificial sweeteners. In the evening, after 19:00, try to drink less liquid.Eat more Fiber. You should also limit your consumption of meat, dairy products and sugar. The diet should be rich in fresh vegetables and fiber, vitamin E, B, selenium, zinc, Omega 3 essential fatty acids and flaxseed.

Prevention TIPS:

1/Choose a healthy diet (fresh fruits and vegetables). Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals that can contribute to your overall health. Preventing prostate cancer through diet is not conclusively proven. Either way, eating a healthy diet can improve your overall health. Add antioxidants and adaptogenic herbs to your diet regularly, detoxify yourself properly.

A diet suitable for prostate health should contain vitamins minerals, for example zinc, selenium, Soy-leguminous soybean, Green Tea, African plum tree or Just.

2/Exercise regularly at least 5 times a week, apply regular walks. Regular exercise improves your overall health, helps you maintain balance and improves your mood. If you are new to exercise, start slowly. Walk, jog, play tennis or jump rope.

3/Add food supplements, if you do not have a rich and balanced diet. No studies have shown that supplements play a role in reducing your risk of prostate cancer. Instead, choose foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals so that you can maintain healthy levels of vitamins in your body. Don’t forget about regular detoxification of the body. Choose safe and proven herbal preparations. Unfortunately, their effectiveness is not proven. They often act like a placebo, but even this has a positive effect on the patient’s psyche.

4/Maintain a healthy weight. If your current weight is healthy, work to maintain it by choosing a healthy diet and exercising most days of the week. If you need to lose weight, add more exercise and reduce the number of calories you eat each day. Ask your doctor for help creating a plan for healthy weight loss. try to walk and exercise (there are special exercises to strengthen the prostate) – it won’t work without movement and exercise.

5/If you have an enlarged prostate, visit your urologist regularly and order a PSA blood level test. What are acceptable values? For men between 40 and 49, the upper limit is 2.5 ng/ml, men from 50 to 59 have the upper limit at 3.5 ng/ml, for men from 60 to 69 it is 4.5 ng/ml . and for men over 70, the limit value is 6.5 ng/ml.

Talk to your doctor about your increased risk of prostate cancer. If you have a very high risk of prostate cancer in your family, you and your doctor may consider medications or other treatments to reduce your risk.

6/Urine should be colorless. If you have dark urine, increase your fluid intake, 1.5 litres a day. If you are prone to the formation of kidney stones up to 2.5 liters of fluids a day – unsweetened drinks.

7/Regular and frequent love making is very beneficial for the male prostate. But even men without a partner do not have to be afraid of a malignant tumor of the prostate gland, it is enough if they regularly ejaculate daily during masturbation. And above all, exercise daily. Regular exercise doubles the chance of surviving prostate cancer.

8/ Advice for children and adolescent patients. Limit sugary and energy drinks. You are at risk of obesity, which is a risk factor. Another risk is infection. In young people around puberty, urological problems are associated with a promiscuous sex life. Not only is there a risk of infection, but there is also the risk of STDs, chaldemia and mycoplasma. Girls are at risk of cervical cancer and boys of the penis. Think carefully. Prevention is key.

Have you been recommended prostate surgery due to its enlargement (hyperplasia)? There is a Unique hot steam treatment – Prostate reduction without surgery. Mini-invasive, gentle procedure performed on an outpatient basis. You can leave immediately after the procedure.

Prostate cancer. How You can reduce your risk of prostate cancer?

Visit your urologist regularly and check your PSA blood level.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, stress, smoking, overeating and prolonged stress.

Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the prostate. The prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland in males that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Many prostate cancers grow slowly and are confined to the prostate gland, where they may not cause serious harm. However, while some types of prostate cancer grow slowly and may need minimal or even no treatment, other types are aggressive and can spread quickly. Prostate cancer that’s detected early with PSA Blood Test ( Prostate-specific antigen (PSA))— when it’s still confined to the prostate gland — has the best chance for successful treatment.

Signs and symptoms 

Trouble urinating, decreased force in the stream of urine, blood in the urine, blood in the semen, erectile dysfunction, losing weight without trying and Bone pain. Prostate cancer may cause no signs or symptoms in its early stages.

Make an appointment with your doctor if you have any persistent signs or symptoms that worry you. Surgery is one option in the treatment of prostate cancer.


It’s not clear what causes prostate cancer.

Doctors know that prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate develop changes in their DNA. A cell’s DNA contains the instructions that tell a cell what to do. The changes tell the cells to grow and divide more rapidly than normal cells do. The abnormal cells continue living, when other cells would die.

The accumulating abnormal cells form a tumor that can grow to invade nearby tissue. In time, some abnormal cells can break away and spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body.

Risk factors

Please read the factors that can increase your risk of prostate cancer:

Older age. Your risk of prostate cancer increases as you age. It’s most common after age 50. Cancer of the prostate and kidney occurs most often from the age of 60.

An enlarged prostate is individual and not decisive. The normal size of the prostate is about 20ml, it can be larger. The deformation of the urethra, which passes through the prostate, is especially important. Bladder performance is also important (the bladder is a pump).

Family history. If a blood relative, such as a parent, sibling or child, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, your risk may be increased. Also, if you have a family history of genes that increase the risk of breast cancer (BRCA1 or BRCA2) or a very strong family history of breast cancer, your risk of prostate cancer may be higher.

Obesity. People who are obese may have a higher risk of prostate cancer compared with people considered to have a healthy weight, though studies have had mixed results. In obese people, the cancer is more likely to be more aggressive and more likely to return after initial treatment.


Incontinence. Both prostate cancer and its treatment can cause urinary incontinence. Treatment for incontinence depends on the type you have, how severe it is and the likelihood it will improve over time. Treatment options may include medications, catheters and surgery.

Erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can result from prostate cancer or its treatment, including surgery, radiation or hormone treatments. Medications, vacuum devices that assist in achieving erection and surgery are available to treat erectile dysfunction.

Cancer that spreads (metastasizes). Prostate cancer can spread to nearby organs, such as your bladder, or travel through your bloodstream or lymphatic system to your bones or other organs. Prostate cancer that spreads to the bones can cause pain and broken bones. Once prostate cancer has spread to other areas of the body, it may still respond to treatment and may be controlled, but it’s unlikely to be cured.

Source: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Clinik, Wikipedia

Next time we will deal with kidney stones and bladder disorders.

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The proper way to drink water

The Water is very important to our bodies. Our bodies are made up of 70% to 80% of water. There are many diseases you can prevent, if you drink enough water, around 2 to 4 glasses of water in a day.

  • If you have kidney stones, drinking enough water can help prevent kidney stones (up to 2.5 liters per day) .
  • If you have urinary tract infections, especially the ladies, they can drink two glasses of water in one sitting and this can somehow washout the infections.
  • If you have heartburn like gastritis, you can drink two sips of water every 120 minutes, do this regularly, this can wash away the acid from your stomach, so this can help a bit.
  • And water can also help you reduce weight. You can drink a glass before a meal. It helps you feel a little full, and some say water can also make your skin more supple, more soft because you are hydrated.

The proper way to drink water

If you feel thirsty, drink. Remember the rule: "Eat half-full, drink half-full."And for older people, we will recommend drinking around 2 to 5 glasses of water in a day, it depends on their medical condition. So they have to ask their doctor about it.

When the weather is hot, when you’re exercising, you have to drink more water. If you have a fever, if you have cough and colds; water can also lower the fever; and it can also loosen the phlegm from the cough and the colds. And how do you know if you are dehydrated and you need to drink more water.

One tip is to check your urine color.

The urine color should be nice like white or yellow, but if the urine color is dark yellow or a little orange that means you are dehydrated already, so you have to drink more water.
I would prefer drinking distilled water, purified water but mineral water is also fine, but some doctors they don’t want to give mineral water if you have kidney stones.

So as you can see, there are many diseases you can prevent, many health benefits if you just know how to drink the water at the right time, at the right amount everyday. So I hope this little health tips can help you a bit. I posted my article there below you can use it and share it with your friends. And thank you for reading.

Carefully read the contents and composition of the energy drinks.We recommend drinks without preservatives.
Try to supply the body with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins in optimal amounts in the form of fresh juices and depending on your activity and level of stress.

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If you play sports, follow the coach’s instructions. Read more

How to take care of intestinal microflora?

What is intestinal microflora?

Microbiota (intestinal flora). Probiotics contained in the diet settle in the walls of the large intestine, where they produce lactic acid and other organic acids, thereby protecting the intestinal mucosa from infections by harmful bacterial strains. Microflora consists of a huge number of bacteria, fungi, but also viruses and sometimes parasites.

How to take care of intestinal microflora?

Microbes (just like us) benefit from basic quality foods that are not industrially processed and sweetened or flavored with additives. It is absolutely ideal to regularly enrich the menu with fermented foods, such as fermented vegetables, fermented dairy products, or sourdough bread.

What Harms?

The microbiome is greatly harmed by industrially processed foods that are poor in microbes, but also in food that keeps microbes alive. We should clearly exclude foods with a high content of refined sugar, solidified fats, alcohol, and other generally unhealthy foods from our diet.

What helps with indigestion?

Modification of the menu: Limit the consumption of fatty, fried foods, as well as oversalted foods and sweets. Choose a diet rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grain bread) and probiotics (fermented dairy products, fermented vegetables).

How long does it take to restore intestinal microflora, when taking antibiotics?

Patients can take probiotics during and after antibiotic treatment. Studies have shown that it takes up to three weeks to restore a healthy intestinal microflora after prolonged use of antibiotics.

Maintaining the Balance of Intestinal Flora through the Diet!

Gut resets aim to restore the balance of the microbiome by:

  1. Removing foods that feed harmful bacteria and cause inflammation.
  2. Introducing plenty of prebiotic foods, which feed beneficial bacteria.
  3. Encouraging healthful practices, such as getting enough sleep and exercise and staying hydrated.

Effective Prevention of Illness.

Ways to Improve Your Gut Bacteria, Based on Science

  • Eat a diverse range of foods. …
  • Eat lots of vegetables, legumes, beans, and fruit. …
  • Eat fermented foods.
  • Eat prebiotic foods.
  • If you can, breastfeed for at least 6 months. …
  • Eat whole grains.
  • Eat a plant-based diet.Try Intra.
  • Eat foods rich in polyphenols.

Source:,, free pictures,,,, Lifestyles Independent Distributors archive,

TIP. Did You Know? Polyphenols play an important role in promoting health.

Polyphenols are a group of substances found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, but also in coffee, tea and cocoa. They play an important role in promoting health. People who suffer from conditions related to PCOS, endometriosis or insulin resistance should pay special attention to products that are a source of polyphenols.

Black and Green tea is an effective antioxidant, improves brain function, increases physical performance and fat burning, reduces the risk of cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, has an antibacterial effect, reduces blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of developing diabetes, protects against cardiovascular diseases, promotes vitality and extends life of life. Green tea contains large amounts of polyphenols (one of the most potent components being Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)). These polyphenols act as an antioxidant and help protect cells from oxidative damage by oxygen radicals. Polyphenols from green tea also effectively fight cancer, blocking enzymes that promote carcinogenic processes, further preventing the malignant proliferation of cells and preventing the formation of new blood vessels that provide nutrition for tumors. 


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Lifestyles intra herbal juice is backed by a comprehensive, no nonsense guarantee. The customer simply returns the unused portion in the original carton to the Distributor who sold him or her the product within 30 days of the date of purchase.  We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your Intra needs.

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The Guide on how to choose good fruits and vegetables with a minimum of pesticides.

Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that consuming produce high in pesticide residue, increases the risk of certain negative health impacts and that choosing organic can almost immediately reduce the amounts of residues in a person’s body.

More than 70 percent of non-organic fresh produce sold in the U.S. contains residues of potentially harmful pesticides, EWG’s 2022 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ finds. Read more…

Our’s advice is that fruit whose origin is unknown should be carefully washed. But for apples, washing them leads to a maximum reduction of pesticides by half. It is more effective to peel the skin. As less risky fruits, we recommend bananas, avocados, pineapple, or some citrus fruits, where they do not find pesticides in the edible parts. Regarding vegetables, we recommend sweet potatoes, onions, or baby carrots.

And grandma’s advice to wash fruit with vinegar or lemon water? “The solubility of some pesticides may increase slightly, but complete removal cannot be counted on,” we reply.

Do you like gardening? So support your local organic growers or grow some vegetables and fruits yourself.

EWG’S DIRTY DOZEN FOR 2022 with the highest pesticide residues



Kale, collard and mustard greens




Bell and hot peppers








Sweet corn




Sweet peas (frozen)


Honeydew melon







Sweet Potatoes