Since 1997 our friends were enthusiastic about the products of Lifestyles. Especially about Intra herbal drink! In the beginning, we were very skeptical, why should we start using that herbal product? Still, we decided to try the Intra, because Regina was sick and our family has had problems with allergies, joints, and kidneys. Tom was working for Pepsi-Co as On Premise manager in Czechia and had lack of energy, problems with knees and kidney. So we started INTRA.

Results for us – after two years: Regina’s health improved, children’s allergic problems have decreased, much more alert during the day, we got to sleep better, Tomas had more energy, no more flu, fewer joints, and kidneys problems…
If people ask us what Intra is about we sometimes tell them, but only if they are serious about it. Otherwise, they don’t deserve it.

Within our friends and Lifestyles colleagues, we have people using Intra against nervousness, cancer, temper fluctuations, psoriasis, migraine, eczema, allergies and many more…

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    We are more than happy with the product of Lifestyles, they simply work and they do what is promised.

    We suggest you to just try the product first, as we say it: “Let the product do the Talking!”

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    Intra ™ greatly helped to improve our health status. We believe in intra’s ability to balance the body. During that time we have gained a lot of personal knowledge and experience and have seen how Intra brings vitality, health, and wellbeing to our friends, business partners, and clients. Intra works with the natural systems of the body and because each one of us is different, we experience different results using the product. Everyone who uses Intra daily will experience different benefits. Therefore we want to share Intra Herbal Drink with You.

    Yours faithfully

    Tomas Ing. Cincala & Regina Cincala, NMD



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