The Intra Herbal Juice Retail Prices

1 btl intra (950 ml / 64 capsules) = 30 day supply
1 bottle €35.00 (35 points)
Trio (3 btls) Intra Liquid or Capsules
€105.00 + Shipping + Tax
Case (9 btls) Intra Liquid or Capsules
€315.00 + Shipping + Tax
Better Together Pack (100 points)
2 Intra, 1 Nutria
€95.00 + Shipping + Tax
Minimum order 100 points
(3 bottles = 105 pts, 1 case 315 pts)
Minimum €35.oo or 5.5% on the retail value.
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The Nutria Price

Minimum order 100 points (4 bottles = 100 pts)
1 bottle €25.00 (25 points)
4 bottles €100.00 (100 points)

The Fiberlife Price

FibreLife (1 Bottle 60 capsules)
1 bottle €30.00 (30 points)
4 bottles €120.00 (120 points)

The Preferred Customer Prices + Free Intra Program

Prices shown exclude applicable taxes and shipping.
Trio(3 btls) intra liquid or capsules @10% €94.50
Case (9 btls) intra liquid or capsules @10% €283.50
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Preferred Customer Prices + Program

Save 10% on Single Order, 20% on AutoShip Order (plus free bottle of Intra or Nutria every 3 months) with our Preferred Customer Program. The AutoShip program is designed to give you simple & convenient access to Lifestyles products at a discount price! Available to all Distributors and Customers!
Register as a Preferred Customer online and pay the small one time administration fee of €5.
The benefits of AutoShip:
• Great discounts and door-to-door delivery
• 20% discount (minimum purchase of 100 points for at least 3 months)
• One FREE product every 3rd month*
You can cancel AutoShip at any time, making it a flexible means of ensuring you get your monthly product orders when you want them.
*On your 3rd and 9th month on AutoShip you will receive a free bottle of Nutria.
*On your 6th and 12th month on Autoship you will receive a free bottle of Intra.
Preferred Customers may become Lifestyles Independent Distributors at any time by submitting a completed Distributor Agreement Form/online registration and paying the regular annual Distributor fee. All Preferred Customers you previously introduced will remain in your downline.
Lifestyles offers Preferred Customers a 100% 30-day money back guarantee on their orders. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any Lifestyles product you receive, you may return that product to the company within 30 days for replacement, exchange or full refund of the purchase price, less shipping charges.

The Lifestyles Distributor – Lifebuilder Program

Enjoy Wholesale Discount On Lifestyles products and build new avenues of wealth and your financial freedom! 

 lifestyles mlm
You can avail 20% wholesale discount with a Lifestyles membership. There is a one-time
registration fee €45.00 and annual renewal fee (€22.50) when it becomes due on the
anniversay date of registration. 
Distributors can get a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 30% discount on their purchase.
Discount level is cumulative and without time limit. Once a level is achieved it’s maintained.
(i.e. once you achieve 30% you do not drop back to 25%).
Sliding Discount Scale for Distributors
1 to 600 point ………..@20%
601 to 1500 point…….@25%
1501 to 2800 point…..@30%
Avail 40% Discount As Direct Distributor (DD)
See Compensation Plan for full explanation: Download Lifestyles Compensation Plan
• Once you become a Direct Distributor (DD), you can enjoy Lifetime 40% discount on all Lifestyles products
• Chances to earn Wholesale Profit and Royalty Bonus
• FREE personalised website (
• FREE PBC (Personal Business Center)
If you’re excited to get your business off the ground, Lifestyles offers a number of programs to help you start earning money. As part of the Lifestyles family, you will never be alone. With our comprehensive training, easy-to-understand business model, and helpful support system, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build your network and maximize your income.
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*Note: all prices and offers shown may be subject to change without notice. All orders of intra are covered by the Lifestyles 100% money back guarantee on a 30 day supply per person.