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The retail price of Intra TRIO ( 3 x Intra capsules or Intra liquid) including shipping and tax is $120.00 + $45 + GST $6. 

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1201CA  Intra liquid 950 mL (1 bottle)  $40.00 35
1202CA  Intra capsules 64 capsules (1 bottle) $40.00  35
1501CA NutriaPlus – 60 capsules (1 bottle) $30.00 30


2 Intra Liquid($80.00) + 1 NutriaPlus($30.00) + 1 CardioLife($40.00) + 1FiberLife( $32.00)

$182.00 165

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NutriaPlus is a powerful antioxidant supplement formulated with fruit and vegetable concentrates, plant extracts, vitamin C, and selenium to help your body defend itself against the health challenges of modern life! NutriaPlus was developed in conjunction with the zebrafish research laboratory at Acenzia Inc. Lifestyles developed NutriaPlus as a combination of 12 synergistic ingredients that showed amazing results in helping human health!


FibreLife is a scientific formulation that maximizes the natural goodness of fiber to:

  • Promote gastrointestinal health
  • Lower the number of calories your body absorbs from a meal
  • Lower your levels of C-reactive protein
  • Promote blood sugar regulation and digestive health
  • Help you fight body pollution and detoxify more effectively
  • Act as an inside sponge by binding cholesterol and toxins in your food before it’s absorbed
  • Flush toxins out of your body



CardioLife is a scientifically formulated dietary supplement providing vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that support cardiovascular health and blood circulation throughout the body.