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Intra® Retail Price: € 35/bottle + TAX

NutriaPlus® Retail Price: € 25/bottle  + TAX


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Intra® Retail Price: € 35/bottle

NutriaPlus® Retail Price: € 25/bottle

FibreLife®Retail Price: € 30/bottle

New!! CardioLife® Retail Price: € 35/bottle

New! Better Together Pack®


Better Together (2 Intra Liquid, 1 Nutia+, 1 CL, 1 FL)

Price:€160.00 + Shipping + Tax

Better Together Pack Dry Form( NO SUGAR)  (2 Intra Capsules + 1 NutriaPlus + 1 CardioLife)  Price:€160.00 + Shipping + Tax

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Shipping:  Minimum order of 100 points (BTP, or 3 bottles = 105 pts), minimum €35.oo, or 5.5% on the retail value.

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