Lifestyles Philippines National Gala

Lifestyles Philippines National Gala 2019

gala filipíny

International Lifestyles Intra Gala in the Philippines

How to buy with a discount?

No Registration Fee but need to buy a minimum of 2 bottles of Intra or 60 points at 10% discount. We accept payments in BTC.


Join As A Distributor and enjoy Wholesale Discount on Lifestyles products.

How to Join and avail discount on all Lifestyles products 

  Do You like to achieve the Direct distributor level in the Philippines and get a 40% discount, Join Lifestyles now? 

STEP #1 ➡Visit our Philippines web – Click HERE or click this link ( or open the link (Click Here) in a NEW window) 
STEP#2  ➡ Select Country „I reside in“ Philippines “
STEP#3  ➡Please select the following OptionSIGN UP AS A NEW DISTRIBUTOR – RECEIVE  30% DISCOUNT and DD
STEP #4 Fill in an application form online:
             Verify Sponsor: Regina Cincalova, EXE – Sponsor ID# 13980442
             Fill the Name, Address, Birth Date, E-mail, Valid Phone, 
             Click button „Agree with Terms and Conditions“ and enter Verification Code (Below)
                                   Click the button „PROCESS“
 For Proper Assistance and 👄Look for👤 Mr. Tomas Cincala, NMD
✏National Marketing Director:👤 Tomas Cincala
✏Executive Director:👤 Regina Cincalova❤
✏Direct Director: 👤Regina Cincalova❤
➡Registration Fee:🅿2,000 with personal accident insurance coverage of 1million & 100K Hospital Reimbursement ❤❤❤
✅ Worldwide Business
✅ Training and Education
✅ Distributor’s Kit
✅Company Support
✅ Bonuses
✅ Recognition



How to Join and avail discount on all Lifestyles products? Click here and contact us. We will help You.


INSTANT DIRECT – 2800 points – Php 103,640 22 BTK’s (44 btls of Intra, 22 Nutria & 22 Btls of Fiberlife), No Registration Fee at 30% discount.

EXPRESS DIRECT – 1400 points – Php 60080. 11 BTK’s (22 btls of Intra, 11 btls of Nutria & 11 btls of Fiberlife), No Registration Fee 20% discount.


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pdf  The Lifestyles GN Canada Company Profile

pdf  Lifestyles Compensation Plan

People around the world, just like you, are taking advantage of our proven Lifestyles GN Business Opportunity. Some are building new avenues of wealth and financial independence, while others are looking to supplement their income.

The Lifestyles Opportunity has created several self-made millionaires and has improved the health of millions worldwide. With Lifestyles, you will benefit from a business built on our industry leading products. Not only will you enjoy improved health by using Lifestyles products, you will also experience personal growth and fulfillment as you progress through Lifestyles Distributor Career and Compensation Plan.

Profits Lifestyles

Lifestyles is an established and secure company that you can partner with in complete confidence. Join the Lifestyles family today and be a part of one of the most respected businesses in the industry, recognized as a world-leader in building success through health and wealth. Your path to better health and financial freedom starts with your drive to succeed! So what are your dreams for the future? We can help you get there!


Can anyone become an independent distributor?

Yes! If you want to earn money and are prepared to invest a small amount of your time. For legal reasons, you must be over 18.

How do I make Money? 

There are several ways of making money. You decide if you want to make a small amount of money to supplement your income, or a larger amount of money to perhaps replace you income. We will tailor a program to your needs and skills.

Does it cost me anything? 

Apart from a registration fee to cover essential paperwork and product (INTRA TRIO) you can start earning money immediately with no initial investment.

Do I have to be able to sell things? 

If you want to sell things you can. However, if you do not want to sell things we can show you an alternative way.

How much time will I need to invest? 

You can invest as much or as little time as you like, we will tailor a program to suit your situation. Remember this is your own business.  You can start with 10%, 20%, 25% or 30% discount. But we will help You get a 40% discount as soon as possible!

Do I need a website? 

Yes. We will help You build Your own personalized website (, but If you want a web site that’s great you don’t actually need one as I built my business without one to start with. Getting a web site couldn’t be easier and could be free.

So what do I do next? 

You get in touch with us as soon as possible, then we can start working with you and showing you what we have done to become the success we are. You can contact us by phone or e-mail, whereby we will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

What if I decide it not for me? 

That’s fine. We want to work with people who are happy with what they are doing. The decision is yours.

Business Building Tools

With Lifestyles, you are in business for yourself but you are never by yourself. From the very beginning, you’ll receive step-by-step training and support tools to help you establish a solid business and reach your income goals through Lifestyles Distributor Success Programs.

As a Lifestyles Distributor, you’ll receive:

FAJFKA  Exclusive business building tools (Distributor kit)

FAJFKA  Distributor Success Training Guide

FAJFKA  Your own personalized website (

FAJFKA  Your own Personal Business Center (PBC)

FAJFKA  Business building reports

FAJFKA  Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP)

FAJFKA  Online shopping 24/7 access

FAJFKA  Social media support (Facebook/YouTube)

FAJFKA Support through Lifestyles Corporate Website

FAJFKA  The Global Intra Team Support

Every year Lifestyles rewards and recognizes Distributors for their achievements at international events, national galas, and leadership meetings.  These events provide Distributors with the opportunity to network with peers, create lifelong friendships and hear inspiring success stories from fellow Distributors around the world.

Lifestyles is always adding new business tools to ensure your success as a Distributor. Take advantage of Lifestyles business building tools and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

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pdf  The Lifestyles GN Canada Company Profile

pdf  Lifestyles Compensation Plan


Join The Global Intra Team Right Now!


Wealth Warning!
Much has been written over the years about the extremely high incomes that can be earned through network marketing. Lifestyles is no exception with some of the highest earners in the industry. On the other hand, however, not everyone has the desire to achieve such great wealth. In order to better inform you on what a typical distributor can expect to earn, we provide the following statement: „A typical distributor in Canada and the United States who has been in our business for over one year and has purchased more than $200.00 of product has an earning range of $399.00 to $2,000.00 per year. However, approximately 17% of these Distributors earn between $3,000.00 and $9,000.0 per year, and almost 8% earn between $10,000.00 and $20,000.00 per year.“ Now you decide! If you are a dreamer and would like a style of life worth working for then beware the Wealth Warning!