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    Lifestyles Intra Herbal Juice Europe

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    Intra® Retail Price: € 35/bottle
    Nutria® Retail Price: € 25/bottle
    FibreLife®Retail Price: € 30/bottle
    Better Together Pack®Retail Price: € 95/  2 x Intra® bottle + 1 x Nutria® bottle/100 points


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    Instant Direct Program
    Receive a 30% discount when you purchase a minimum of 2800 points worth of product and a package of sales materials. One (1) FREE case of Intra will be automatically added to your order, and you will be instantly promoted to Direct Distributor (40% discount forewer).


    You pay a one-time application fee €45.01


    Distributors can get a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 30% discount on their purchase. Discount level is accumulative and without time limit. (i.e. once you achieved the 30% level, you will never drop back to 25%.)

    Sliding Discount Scale for Distributors ($1 Retail = 1 Point):

    1 to 600 point. . . . . . . . . . @20%
    601 to 1500 point. . . . . . .@25%
    1501 to 2800 point . . . . @30%


    Express Direct Program or 1,470 Points within 30 days.

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