Try Live Better Every Day Routine…

What matters is not how you look on the outside, but who you are on the inside. This may sound a bit cliché, but then again, it has it reasons. Are you someone who has dreams of better health and financial freedom? Do you want to make your dreams come true? Lifestyles can make it happen for you, all you have to do is take advantage of the Lifestyles Opportunity.

 Drink Intra for better health on the inside and apply a quality face and a night cream or Intra Infusion Cream ( available only in Hong Kong and Malaysia) on the outside for a younger beautiful you! Using Intra Infusion Cream daily can save you the expense of plastic surgery!

Try LIve Better Every Day Routine...

Follow the steps below, and start your journey to living better every day.

1. Drink Intra and eat healthy Drink Intra to enhance your body’s 8 biological systems. Eat a balanced healthy diet, including five helpings of fruits and vegetables each day.

2. Exercise Exercise daily to maintain a good posture, alleviate stress and increase blood flow.

3. Less is more: Avoid putting too much make up on your face, some cosmetics can actually age you. Foundations and powders often make fine lines look more prominent and leave you looking wrinkled. Use Intra Infusion daily for a healthy glowing skin.
Drink Intra for better health on the inside and apply  a quality face and a night cream or  Intra Infusion Cream ( available only in Hong Kong and Malaysia) on the outside for a younger beautiful you! Using Intra Infusion Cream daily can save you the expense of plastic surgery!

4. Schedule your Appointments Work on your contact list and make appointments to meet with your prospects. Share your product experiences and the success you achieved from the Lifestyles Opportunity. Let them know you are in the business of helping people to achieve better health and greater wealth.

5. Put a smile on your face Your smile is something people will notice. Take care of your teeth. Make sure you do regular dental checkups and cleanings. As a Networker, you will do lots of talking so you need to maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

6. Look Professional Female: Avoid wearing your hair too long, because as you age, it becomes less flattering and avoid wearing it too short. Very short hair can add years on to you. Have moderate curls; they can soften the face and is flattering on anyone. A good hair style will enhance, and promote a professional image. Male: Dress clean, have a good hair cut, and clean finger nails (have a manicure) this will project a successful image.

7. Sleep: Sleep is a natural healer for the mind and body. Get a good night sleep, plan your sleep time so that you go to bed at the same time each night and wake up the same time each morning. Sleep restores and repairs the body as you sleep.

8. Give up smoking Smoking destroys the natural proteins in the skin collagen, including the elastin. It also decreases the blood supply to the skin. When you smoke you pucker your lips. Over time, those pucker lines will become permanent. Lipstick also bleeds down into the pucker lines which make them look dry, crackly and old. In addition, oxygen is depleted in the muscles and may lead to heart ailments, lung cancers and many other diseases.

9. Stay trendy and dress nicely Stay on top of style trends. Make sure you know what works for you. Don’t age yourself by wearing outdated clothing. Be modern and dress well. Remember you are a professional Network Marketer!

10. Stay Positive We are all, our own worst critics and we often judge ourselves harshly. So remember the next time when you look into the mirror – Remind Yourself: “You are the Best and Deserves to Live Better Every Day. You will be the next Millionaire in Lifestyles You will walk the Walk of Fame! You Deserve the Best in Life!”