How to be mentally cool? Get rid of stress and anxiety!

Today’s hectic times add to great stress and anxiety. And maintaining mental health and well-being in the 21st century can be a bit tricky around technology, social networking, and information. How to improve the psyche and get rid of stress and anxiety? How to be mentally cool?

Mental well-being is more important today than ever before. But achieving it is not easy, the pressure is on us from all sides – work, partners, family. Nevertheless, we should learn to slow down and enjoy life, not be constantly stressed and try to get rid of the anxiety we feel. How to do it? 

What causes stress or anxiety?

There are many causes of stress and anxiety. For each person, the trigger can be something different. In general, however, there are several common factors that are the most common cause of our mental discomfort:

Death of a loved one,


Problems at work, in relationships, in the family,

Financial problems,

Environmental pressure (at work, in a family relationship).

But the feeling of frustration and sadness is also evoked by various physical variables, for example, you do not like yourself, you feel fat, too thin, unsightly. Appearance is often the trigger for depression and eating disorders, especially in women, but men are no exception. It is also very important how our surroundings look at us. If our parents keep telling us that we are incompetent, we will feel that way, even though it is not true.

Social isolation, rejection, various traumas, or lack of sleep and physical activity will not add to your well-being either.

Don’t be afraid to see a therapist or psychologist

Most important of all, it’s the realization that you either need help or just need to testify. Today, a visit to a therapist or psychologist is no longer taboo and you do not have to be afraid to seek their help. And not just when you’re not feeling well. The therapist can advise you even in difficult life decisions and guide you.

Tips on how to improve your PSYCHO

There are many tips and advice that can help you improve your mood, calm your mind and be mentally well.

1. Stay in touch

Building good relationships with family, friends, colleagues is important. A lot of bad things come from bad interpersonal relationships, so surround yourself with people you love with whom you share the same interests – partners, family, friends. Try to spend time with them and talk to them for a while. Good relationships at work are a crucial factor because we spend most of the day at work. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but as far as possible, avoid quarrels and unnecessary conflicts. And if you feel exhausted and without energy after a hard day’s work, call your friends or family and talk, keep in touch with them.

TIP: If you think that someone around you is more likely to suck the energy out of you and have a negative effect on you, it is often better to reduce or break contact with such a person.

2. Be active

It is well known that physical activity has a significant effect on the psyche. So if you spend most of the day at the table and do not move too much, then you will come home and sit down again for a TV, for example, you will not please your mental health. Rather go for a walk, jogging, or work out in the fitness center. It does not have to be a demanding movement or activity, it is important that you move. Find an activity that you enjoy and try to do it regularly, whether it’s just a small change in an experienced routine or a big decision to run a marathon. How about replacing the elevator with stairs, go to work by bike or on foot. There are really a lot of possibilities.

In addition, sports are a great way to get rid of stress. Physical activity reduces the production of cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, and also flushes out chemicals from our body that promote a positive mood. Eliminate symptoms of stress such as an upset stomach, poor sleep, poor lifestyle, and get comfortable.

3. Have time for yourself

Finding time during the day just for yourself is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Although many say that we do not catch up and do not have time, there are always a few minutes that we can set aside only for ourselves. Having time for yourself is really important, so try to find at least 15 minutes a day, ideally more to devote yourself to and what you enjoy, whether it’s a walk, reading a good book, meditating, or just sitting in the garden. or in the park and enjoy the present moment.

Find an activity that entertains and fills you, brings you happiness and well-being, and in which you relax. It can really be anything from reading to embroidery. Meditation or various breathing techniques are also a great way to get rid of stress. Also popular is the method of mindfulness, which involves realizing the present moment, how our thoughts affect our behavior and actions.

4. Eat Healthy

Food, like physical activity, is an important element of our mental health. If you usually eat unhealthily in fast food and consume alcohol, you probably won’t be very mentally well. Eating habits significantly affect our emotions and how we feel.

It is important to eat regularly, at least 3 times a day. Avoid foods with fast sugars, which will cause the blood glucose to rise rapidly and then fall rapidly, making us feel hungry. It is a hunger that makes us feel nervous, frustrated, irritated, and much faster than we fall into a bad mood. Eat a balanced diet, treat yourself to plenty of vegetables, try not to miss breakfast. Follow the drinking regime and drink a sufficient amount of the best clean water. Also, try to limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol.

5. Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep

The body’s sleep serves to regenerate, if we do not have enough of it, we will be tired and therefore also moody. Therefore, enjoy at least 7-8 hours of sleep. It is ideal to go to bed at the same time every day and also wake up at the same time. Put down the phone at least an hour before bed, turn off the TV and computer, and you better read, listen to relaxing music, take a bath, or try breathing exercises or meditation. Not only in the summer months, pull blinds or shutters in the bedroom.

6. Accept yourself

It is really difficult to accept who we are, but it is not impossible. Believe that if you accept and love yourself, you will be relieved. Find what you are good at and accept your uniqueness. Do not succumb to negative thoughts. Learn new things, discover new places, people. That you will underestimate yourself, constantly saying that you are not good enough, or standing in front of a mirror and looking for imperfections damages your mental health. If you have been carrying trauma for a long time, for example, your classmates have told you that you are not good or you have not received enough recognition from your parents, talk about your feelings, whether it is a friend or a professional.

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