Ambrosia Herb23 (= INTRA) Price


– Retail Price = 60,000 KRW

– Distributor

    – 1 Bottle = 55,000 KRW

    – 3 Bottles = 160,000 KRW

    – 1 Case = 460,000 KRW

– Direct Distributor (=DD)  = 360,000 KRW

Lifestyles products are only available through Lifestyles Independent Distributors and are NOT sold in stores. You can buy Intra at our offices. The online store is not hooked up for the Philippines, UAE, Japan, South Korea, but Lifestyles have distribution centers for pick up or delivery Please contact us for details and local contacts.

Note: Please be specific about what information you require, becoming a Customer or Distributor, how you heard about intra, need a sponsor etc.

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Sponsor ID: 12499042, Tomas Ing. Cincala, NMD

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