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Your Personal Dashboard contains reports on real-time data related to you and your organization. Use this data to set goals and measure the success of your business activities.

“Personal Volume” (PV) is all product points purchased under your Distributor ID in a calendar month. This includes volume purchased by your personally sponsored Preferred Customers which shows your retail activity for the month.
“Group Volume” (GV) is the volume from all your down-line non-Direct Distributors purchases in your Personal group. Group Volume shows you the activity of the Distributors you are personally developing.
“Personal Group Volume” (PGV) is all product points purchased personally (PV) as well as volume purchased by non-Direct Distributors within your personal group. This report shows your monthly qualification.  (A PGV of 1200 points or more qualifies you for bonus).

NOTE For non-Direct Distributors, the above volumes will show as “Available PV”, “Available GV” and “Available PGV“. These show the volumes that are available to be used in your promotion to Direct Distributor.

“New Distributors” is the number of Distributors in your organization that signed up within a calendar month with six levels. These are the new people for you to coach and work with to build your business.
“New Directs” is the number of Distributors in your organization promotedto Direct Distributor status in a calendar month with six levels. This measures your success rate in developing Distributor independence in your organization.
“Distributors to be renewed” is the number of Distributors within your organization that is due for renewal within 30 days.
“# of Prepaids” is the total number of prepaid applications available.
“Business Builders” is the number of frontline Distributors within the month that has purchased a sales program, such as an Instant Direct, Premier Pack or Express Direct.
“Legs in Bonus” is the number of legs (your frontline Distributors and everyone below) that include at least one Direct Distributor who qualified with 1200 points in PGV.
“Power Leg” is thenumber of legs with a combined volume that exceeds 25,000 points.