Intra® Retail Price: US$35/bottle

NutriaPlus® Retail Price: US$25/bottle

Better Together Pack (2 Intra liquid + 1 Nutria): $95.00

Better Together Plus (2 Intra liquid, NutriaPlus, FiberLife): $95.00


Save 10% on Single Order, or 20% on AutoShip Order (plus Free Intra/Nutria every 3 months & 25% off shipping) with our Preferred Customer Program ( See Program Details).

You pay an application fee of US$5

USA Prefered Customer Price List and Order Form


The Program Details

1. You Become a Preferred Customer by completing the online application form along with an annual registration fee of $5.

2. A Preferred Customer is entitled to a 10% discount off regular retail product orders and a 20% discount on AutoShip orders. Preferred Customers may also be invited to participate in special product promos from time to time.

3. AutoShip is a 3-month standing order of a minimum of 100 Lifestyles points worth of product. ($1 Retail = 1 Point) For example: 1 trio pack intra liquid = 105 points.  Please note: Better Together Pack is $95 but it is count as 100 points.

4. Preferred Customer orders are charged a shipping fee of $20 for 0-200 points of the product: $30 for 201-500 points of a product; or 6% of the total retail price of the order for 501+ points. AutoShip orders receive a 25% discount on shipping.

5. AutoShip orders will be renewed automatically at the end of each 3 month period unless canceled in writing. You may cancel or change your AutoShip order at any time by contacting your local Lifestyles office. Cancellations and changes to your AutoShip must be received at least 30 days prior to the next INTRA Autoship order period to take effect for that period.

6. Preferred Customers may introduce others as Preferred Customers at any time. Lifestyles will record and track those new people you have introduced as Preferred Customers and those who have placed AutoShip orders.

7a. On your 3rd and 9th month on AutoShip, you will receive a free bottle of Nutria…

7b. On your 6th and 12th month on AutoShip, you will receive a free bottle of Intra…


Join as a Lifestyles Distributor to enjoy Wholesale Discount 

Lifestyles Distributor 


You pay an application fee of US$40


Distributors can get a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 30% discount on their purchase. Discount level is accumulative and without time limit. (i.e. once you achieved the 30% level, you will never drop back to 25%.)

lifestyles mlm

Sliding Discount Scale for Distributors ($1 Retail = 1 Point):

1 to 600 point. . . . . . . . . . @20%

601 to 1500 point. . . . . . .@25%

501 to 2800 point  . . . …. @30%

Direct Distributor


1,470 Points within 30 days.

Bonus: If you purchase more than 1,500 points of products in one single order, not only you will enjoy 30% discount on your entire order, you will receive 3 extra bottles of Intra for FREE.


  • Once you become a Direct Distributor, you can enjoy Lifetime 40% discount on all Lifestyles products
  • Chances to earn Wholesale Profit and Royalty Bonus



pdf See Intra 5 step process


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