Step 4

Executive Director

You have downlines of 2 qualified legs as Regional Director and now you need downlines of 4 qualified legs to be the Executive Director. The more successful your downline is, the more successful you are. So when building Regional and International Network downlines, it is important to communicate clearly the amount of work and training involved in building a successful multi-level marketing online business. Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, mailerLite emailing, etc..



Quality every month as Executive Director with 1200 PV Personal Volume and 4 (Four) legs with min 1200 PV volume.

Step 3                                                                 Step 5


Dear new business partner. 

Thank you for your interest in Lifestyles Intra Business Training for our global team members.  In keeping with our promise to support you in your business, we have launched our Training Pages. Training programs of Lifestyles GN( YOU have Training section in your PBC) and Lifestyles Philippines are improving, but you are still definitely expected to hit the ground with our basic guide on our System(YOUR SUCCESS), WealthHealth and Compensation Plan(YOUR MONEY). 

We welcome your questions and comments. If You have any questions, please contact us today.

With warm regards,

Tom and Regina Marie Cincala, NMD

ID:12499042, 13980442

Lifestyles International Independent Distributors, National Ambassadors