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Welcome in our Lifestyles Global Team Distributor Success Guide and Training.  Discover the incredible power of co-operative marketing. Create a lifestyle where You determine your future by owning your Very Own Profitable Home-Based Global Business. Whether you’re a doctor, student, lawyer, salesman, construction worker, waitress, homemaker, newly retired or other hard worker, HAVE YOU ever thought: „There’s just got to be a better, easier way…“

Just follow the guidelines.

There is… the ‚LIFESTYLES INTRA GLOBAL TEAM‘ can teach you how!

The Internet is changing the way people live and work forever. The ideas of traditional businesses as we know them are disappearing; making way for new methods of wealth creation and time freedom. Today, the speed and technology of the Internet has REVOLUTIONIZED the referral marketing industry, also known as Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), making it possible to achieve financial freedom and more working part time from the privacy of your own home. Learn how you could earn an extra $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000+ per month PART TIME working from home. How can we be so sure? Because, thousands are doing it! Because we are doing it and we work with you at each step, teaching you to do the same. It’s A Shame For You Not To Make Good Money When Other People Do It So Easily.

Did you ever drive by million dollar homes and wonder how those people got to be so successful? (We did!) Didn’t you want to just go up and ring their doorbell and ask them how they became so wealthy? We wondered if they were just luckier or maybe worked harder, but we were amazed when we discovered the truth: THEY JUST KNOW MORE THAN US AND WORKED SMART.

It’s all about knowledge and teamwork. Anyone that might be more successful than you, just knows a little more. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

All you have to do is learn. This web site is the doorway to your opportunity.

„When the student is ready, the personal $uccess mentor appears.“

Are you ready and smart enough to figure out that if we can do this business and make ‚Real Money‘, you could too?

GREAT! Lets get started and Develop Your Business At Your Own Pace…

Congratulations! Joining the Lifestyles Family and is an important step toward turning your dreams into reality.  As a Lifestyles Distributor, take comfort in the security of knowing you are part of one of the most respected companies in the industry.  As well as our support, you gain proven strategies for helping to make the most of your Lifestyles opportunity.

Your membership includes:

Step 1 

Before you start your Intra Business, Drink Intra.

1.Drink Intra daily. Consume Nutria and Fiberlife daily – you can fight diseases the natural way! Share Intra.

Click here for a Intra Product Training – Click here.

2.Write down Your Intra Personal INTRA Experience with. Share and tell evryone Your story!

3.Create a Website – Name/

 How to Create – Grab the Manual 

Share INTRA.

How to Build Your Contact List?

How to Share Intra and Business Opportunity? Setting Appointments

„Be your own boss, set your own hours, build your own network, build income for life. There is no limit to the level of success you can achieve.“

Just Do It

Take the information you have learned, the goals you have written and the enthusiasm you feel and put it to action building stay at home mom businesses. Take those final steps and make your business happen, and stay a stay at home mom.


It is one thing to go through the planning stages, and another to start the business itself. What happens if you fail? Not much. You’ve lost a little money and some time, but have gained valuable information, and know what not to do again for building MLM downlines.

One of my favorite sayings goes as follows:

„I’d rather have 1% of something than 100% of nothing.“

The only way to have 1% of something is to do it. Work your plan. Take that initial -sometimes terrifying- step out of your comfort zone and into the rest of your life. Those who have come before you will tell you, it can be done, and it all starts right now. Its up to you to take that first step towards building MLM downlines, and multi level marketing online success.

Lifestyles Distributor Success Guide

BOP Welcome To Lifestyles Philippines

 Why MlM Lifestyles Intra?

Step 2

Direct Distributor –  40% discount

How to achieve Direct Distributor Level?

How to become Direct Distributor with 40% discount?

Instant Direct

The Instant Direct Program is the fastest way to become a Direct Distributor. Purchase 2800 points worth of product at a 30% discount, and instantly become a Direct Distributor. You’ll also receive a free case of Intra, which you can sell at retail price. When you get promoted to Direct Distributor, your discount increases to 40% and will never go down.

Express Direct

The Express Direct Program allows you to purchase the required 1400 points worth of product at a 20% discount. You will become a Direct Distributor immediately, and you will receive 3 free bottles of Intra that can be used personally or sold for retail profit.

LIFEbuilder Program

The LIFEbuilder program uses the Express Direct program to create an organization of duplication. Every 2 Express Direct programs sold frontline in your organization gives you or your business builders a free case of Intra that can be used personally or sold for retail profit.

 USA Lifestyles Programs EXPRESS DIRECT

 Lifestyles Success Program CANADA

 Distributor Price List PHILIPPINES

 Intra Lifestyles Five Step Process

Lifestyles Compensation Plan ENG

Step 3

Regional Director  


All your actions need to be able to be duplicated by your team. You want to encourage your downline to do what you do, and to be successful. The more successful your downline is, the more successful you are. So when building MLM downlines, it is important to communicate clearly the amount of work and training involved in building a successful multi level marketing online business.


Step 4

Executive Director


Step 5

National Marketing Director



Step 6

International Marketing Director



Global Marketing Director

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If someone were willing to show you how to make money from home, would you be coachable? When would you be ready to start if you found the right business opportunity?Do You like to be Direct Distributor ( 40% discount) as soon as possible?

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Lifestyles and Lifestyles Independent Distributors are committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information when accessing and/or any associated affiliate sites from Lifestyles and Lifestyles Independent Distributors. Read more at .

That’s just the simple review of Lifestyles Product Training, there is more to it of course, and if you would like the details, country price lists, links, how we generate all our leads using social networking etc shoot us a message, or head on over to rep site at our and jump right in. We’ll be in touch after you have registered to help you get started. Let’s rock!!!