How to buy with 40% discount and become direct distributor in Philippines


INTRA HERBAL JUICE with discount


No Registration Fee but need to buy minimum of 2 bottles of Intra or 60 points at 10% discount. We accept payments in BTC.


Join As A Distributor and enjoy Wholesale Discount on Lifestyles products in Philippines.

How to Join and avail discount on all Lifestyles products 
STEP #1 visit our web or click this link ( open link in a NEW window)
STEP#2 Select Country „I reside in“ Phil’s
STEP #4Fill in an application form:
 Verify Sponsor: Evelyn F. Alipao, Philippines, Cebu
 Sponsor ID# 98000255699
 Enter Verification Code Below
 Click button „PROCESS“
STEP #6 Read Instructions:
 Click button “ i agree to these terms“
STEP #7 Click button below „SUBMIT“
STEP #8 Print the Receipt and bring in Lifestyles office w/in 7 days and Contact us @ 

Phone Numbers 632.752.7150 / Fax Numbers: 632.659.4464

 For Proper Assistance and 👄Look for👤 Mrs. Frency Puda
✏National Marketing Director:👤 Tomas Cincala
✏Executive Director :👤Regina Re Regina Cincalova❤
✏Direct Director :👤Regina Re Evelyn F. Alipao❤
➡Registration Fee:🅿2,000 with personal accident insurance coverage of 1million & 100K Hospital Reimbursement ❤❤❤
✅ World-wide Business
✅ Training and Education
✅ Distributor’s Kit
✅Company Support
✅ Bonuses
✅ Recognition


INSTANT DIRECT – 2800 points – Php 103,640 22 BTK’s (44 btls of Intra, 22 Nutria & 22 Btls of Fiberlife), No Registration Fee at 30% discount.

EXPRESS DIRECT – 1400 points – Php 60080. 11 BTK’s (22 btls of Intra, 11 btls of Nutria & 11 btls of Fiberlife), No Registration Fee 20% discount.

Express Direct

The Express Direct Program allows you to purchase the required 1400 points worth of product at a 20% discount. You will become a Direct Distributor immediately, and you will receive 3 free bottles of Intra that can be used personally or sold for retail profit.

LIFEbuilder Program

The Lifebuilder program uses the Express Direct program to create an organization of duplication. Every 2 Express Direct programs sold frontline in your organization gives you or your business builders a free case of Intra that can be used personally or sold for retail profit.


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